Ingkung Mbah Cempluk (10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja)

Now, there is no need to wait for a special occassion so that you may enjoy the taste of ingkung (cooked whole chicken). The menu is commonly served only during special occassions, but now you can enjoy them at Ingkung Mbah Cempluk, a restaurant specializing in ingkung and fried wader (Cyprinidae fish). As for ingkung, you may choose between one that is cooked in coconut milk (ungkep santan) and the fried one. Both are of equivalent deliciousness and worth the try, although you would need to travel a long way to Pajangan to get a taste of them. See address and location map on Ingkung Mbah Cempluk

About 10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja

They might be located far in the kampongs, but the proven taste makes them worth the search. Here are the 10 hidden culinary spots sought by many. Feel the sensation of the search, and enjoy the taste.

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10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja: The More Hidden, The More Wanted