Bakmi Mbah Gito (10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja)

The all wood interior design with traditional ornaments, along with the staffs dressed in lurik (traditional Javanese cloth) is what makes Bakmi Mbah Gito a preferable place of refugee from the crowd of the city. Here, you can try various menus such as bakmi (noodle), soto, rica-rica, or fried rice. Situated within a rural area, the restaurant is surrounded by a feel of the old days. See address and location map on Bakmi Jowo Mbah Gito

About 10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja

They might be located far in the kampongs, but the proven taste makes them worth the search. Here are the 10 hidden culinary spots sought by many. Feel the sensation of the search, and enjoy the taste.

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10 Culinary Hidden Gems in Jogja: The More Hidden, The More Wanted