The More Hidden, The More Wanted

They might be located far in the kampongs, but the proven taste makes them worth the search. Here are the 10 hidden culinary spots sought by many. Feel the sensation of the search, and enjoy the taste.

Updated on 18 November 2018

Instead of choosing strategic locations easily accessible by the customers, these 10 culinary spots are indeed located far in the kampong/village. Proven taste and friendly service may have been the key to guarantee their popularity among customers. Although they are located in narrow streets, they remain customers' favorites.

It occurred that YogYES had got confused and got lost many times while searching for these places. Still, there is nothing to regret, as the foods offered are indeed delicious. Mangut lele (spiced catfish) with rich seasoning, noodles with stunning taste, to tempting ingkung (cooked whole chicken)-all are worth the try.

1. Gudeg Pawon

In a narrow corridor way with a direction sign advising visitors to not ride their motorcycles along the way, a queue is seen-waving along the way like a snake towards the door of the first house in the corridor. This turns out to be the line of hungry people craving for food late at night. The gudeg restaurant is named Gudeg Pawon as the foods are served directly from inside the kitchen or, as the local folks say, the pawon. The delicate chicken meat and the taste of gudeg-which is not excessively sweet-is what makes the food easily accepted by visitors from outside Jogja. See address and location map on Gudeg Pawon

2. Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

After being lost while searching for the restaurant, which is just so hidden, YogYES finally found the house of Mbah Marto, who also serves as the restaurant itself. Mangut lele (spiced catfish) has been widely popular among culinary cravers, and now it becomes our lunch menu. It is certainly a distinctive romance to savor the traditionally-processed food directly at the kitchen, whose walls are covered by stains caused by the smokes from the stove. See address and location map on Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

3. Sambel Welut Pak Sabar

When it comes to eel, Pak Sabar seems to be the only champion, particularly when the menu is combined with the spicy hot garlic sambal/sambel (ground chilli and seasoning). Hidden in the Southern part of Jogja, the sambel welut restaurant remains a true attraction to visitors, particularly because the food is guaranteed delicious. Besides eels, other kinds of plainwater fishes are also available, such as snakehead murrels and catfishes. See address and location map on Sambel Welut Pak Sabar

4. Bakmi Mbah Mo

Although we would need to search far into the village to find the location, bakmi (noodle) maniacs will certainly not mind doing so as the taste of the food has been acclaimed as delicious. Since first launched almost three decades ago, Bakmi Mbah Mo has gained its faithful customers. Here, every customer would have to wait patiently as each plate of noodle served is cooked one by one on charcoal-fueled stoves. See address and location map on Bakmi Mbah Mo

5. Bakso Ironayan

We had to go a long way to the Southern part of the city, only to be able to enjoy a bowl of meatballs consisted of four meatballs and slices of crispy fried meatballs, tofu, and noodle. There is nothing to regret, however, as the delicious taste of the non-preservative meatballs has much more to pay for the long distance. See address and location map on Bakso Ironayan

6. Bakmi Mbah Gito

The all wood interior design with traditional ornaments, along with the staffs dressed in lurik (traditional Javanese cloth) is what makes Bakmi Mbah Gito a preferable place of refugee from the crowd of the city. Here, you can try various menus such as bakmi (noodle), soto, rica-rica, or fried rice. Situated within a rural area, the restaurant is surrounded by a feel of the old days. See address and location map on Bakmi Jowo Mbah Gito

7. Mbah Cemplung Fried Chicken

Jogja is identified with sweet foods. However, the fried chicken served at Mbah Cemplung restaurant offer a more dominant crispy, salty taste. Also, the meats are from traditionally-bred chicken, which is known to be of more thickness than broiler chicken. Nevertheless, you won't find the meat hard as Mbah Cemplung skillfully cooks the meats in a way that it tastes soft. With such deliciousness, travelling all the way down to Bantul seems to be no big deal at all. See address and location map on Mbah Cemplung Fried Chicken

8. Ingkung Mbah Cempluk

Now, there is no need to wait for a special occassion so that you may enjoy the taste of ingkung (cooked whole chicken). The menu is commonly served only during special occassions, but now you can enjoy them at Ingkung Mbah Cempluk, a restaurant specializing in ingkung and fried wader (Cyprinidae fish). As for ingkung, you may choose between one that is cooked in coconut milk (ungkep santan) and the fried one. Both are of equivalent deliciousness and worth the try, although you would need to travel a long way to Pajangan to get a taste of them. See address and location map on Ingkung Mbah Cempluk

9. Pecel Baywatch

It may be named Pecel (boiled vegetables with peanut sauce) Baywatch, but the restaurant is not, in fact, located anywhere near the beach. And, don't think you would get a chance of seeing Pamela Anderson around in her red bikini-the one you'd find there is an old lady. You can find the food in Kasongan, Bantul. It is served at at humble restaurant. Still, the rare kembang turi (flowers of Sesbania grandiflora tree) included into the ingredients of the food is like a magnet that draws any pecel lovers to stop by. See address and location map on Baywatch Pecel

10. Entok Slenget

Culinary made of duck meats may not be easy to find in Jogja. Relax, now there is a restaurant specializing in culinary made of duck meats. Although situated far from the city, the proven taste has never failed in attracting culinary lovers to pay a visit to the humble restaurant. See address and location map on Entok Slenget Kang Tanir