Places to Reminisce When Back to Jogja

Returning to Jogja is just like going home; there's an abundant of yearning that makes it special. The friendly atmosphere and angkringan (food tenant) are the two things that never fail in making people yearning to "return home to Jogja".

Updated on 18 November 2018

Those who have once stayed in Jogja would certainly be familiar with angkringan, a simple cart with plastic tarp roof serving as a food tenant, with menus such as nasi kucing, quail eggs satay, chicken intestine satay, and wedangan (various kinds of warm brewed beverages). Nasi kucing is the distinctive menu of an angkringan-a small handful of rice accompanied by some cooked tempe or anchovies wrapped in banana leaves and paper. It is called nasi kucing (literally translated as 'cat-rice') due to the amount of rice in each single package, which is said only enough to feed a cat.

Besides being a fun place for discussions with friends until late at night, angkringan is also a place for you to turn to whenever you find only few thousands in your pocket. No wonder that angkringan is still going strong amidst new modern cafes emerging like mushrooms during rainy season; it even considered the symbol of jogja's humble life. Here are 10 famous angkringans in Jogja we've selected for you

1. Angkringan Lek Man and The Legendary Jos Coffee

Angkringan Lek Man has been very famous in Jogja, with Jos Coffee as the top menu-a cup of coffee served hot and added with pieces of flaming charcoals ('jos' is the sound produced when the flaming charcoal is plunged into the coffee). The food menu is relatively similar to other angkringans, such as nasi kucing, various fried snacks, quail eggs satay, chicken intestine satay, chicken skin satay, etc.

Lek Man is the son of Mbah Pairo, who was said to be the first angkringan seller in Jogja, selling since the 1950s. The legendary story is what makes Angkringan Lek Man never lacks customers, either those coming to eat or just hanging out until late night. People from outside Jogja are also known to visit Angkringan Lek Man, particularly because it is located near Tugu Train Station. See Angkringan Lik Man

2. Angkringan KR (Pak Jabrik), Where Various Communities Hang Out

Angkringan Pak Jabrik, or mostly known as Angkringan KR (due to its location in front of the office of Kedaulatan Rakyat/KR Daily), is one of the most famous angkringans full of customers. Set up on the porch of Kedaulatan Rakyat Daily, the angkringan never lacks customers, particularly during weekends. The menu is, somehow, more varied than other angkringans. It offers nasi kucing of different variants, namely sambal teri (anchovies and ground chili), oseng tempe, oseng chicken liver, oseng mushroom, hot spicy mushroom, tomato sambal, etc. Besides various fried snacks, a variety of dishes are also available, including quail eggs satay, chicken intestine satay, snail satay, etc.

Angkringan KR is set in a large area, allowing customers to choose whether they would eat the foods seated on the benches, on the park chairs, or lesehan (sitting directly on a mat, with no chairs) along the porch of the office. It has also beenrenowned particularly as the place where various communities hang out, either arts communities, college/university students, or several motor clubs.

3. Angkringan Wijilan, 2-Story Angkringan

The neighborhood around Wijilan is known as the center of gudeg, hence the angkringan is widely known as Angkringan Wijilan, despite the fact that it actually has the name of Angkringan Kang Harjo. So many is the number of customers coming and going that the angkringan is drop-dead crowded, that an upper floor needs to be added to accommodate customers.

4. Angkringan Pak Jack

Jogja has always been identified with angkringan, and one of the most famous ones is Angkringan Pak Jack. Located on a strategic spot, on Sudirman St, West of Gondolayu Bridge, the angkringan is where teenagers, young fellows, and even older ones would head to. While offering various types of nasi kucing, fried snacks, and satays.

Angkringan Pak Jack also offers Jos Coffee-hot coffee added with flaming charcoals. The large venue allows for numerous customers, particularly during the night. Also, it is located near Gondolayu Bridge, a hangout spot for youngsters.

5. Angkringan Bonbin, With Always-Warm Rice

The angkringan is famous particularly for the rice, which is always kept warm. ('Bonbin' is actually the short version of 'Kebon Binatang' or 'Zoo', as it is located near Gembiraloka Zoo.) Once served, customers will rush for them; those who are not lucky enough would have to wait for the next batch to come.

6. Angkringan Nganggo Suwe (Lek Adi), Exotic Dishes

Bearing the name of an angkringan, the place is actually more of a common small restaurant, with no food cart like ones you would find in an angkringan. It is the menu that is similar to an angkringan's, such as nasi kucing, various fried snacks, satays, brewed ginger beverage, etc. Angkringan Nganggo Suwe (Jv: 'takes a long time to serve one'), or mostly known as Angkringan Lek Adi, is located within Kotagede area. Many university students hang out here, while local residents often "hunt" for dishes for dinner. You may try the taste of Grilled Rice, Tongseng Keong (snail), Hot Tamarind Beverage, or Tamarind and Ginger Beverage.

7. Angkringan Klebengan, Sweet Ketchup

Apart from being located near the campus of UGM and UNY, Angkringan Klebengan is also crowded by customers thanks to its large venue. Pandan mats are provided for those who want to sit back and relax while chatting, discussing various topics, or just throwing silly jokes at each other. The distinctive characteristic is that each fried snacks and dishes is always added with sweet ketchup when re-grilled / re-warmed.

8. Angkringan Pak Satari

Though located somewhat far from the center of the city, precisely at km 15 of Magelang St, the angkringan manages to always attract numerous customers. So full of customers Angkringan Pak Satari is that it looks more like a small restaurant with varied menu and super affordable prices.

9. Angkringan Sendang

Angkringan Sendang is one of the hits in Jogja. It has two branches-one in front of Sendang Ayu Restaurang (Solo St.), and another near STTNas (Babarsari St.). It offers various menus, from gorengan (deep fried snacks) to baceman (any foods cooked sweet with a lot amount sugar/ketchup). The distinctive feature is that each rice package is marked with "Sendang" lettering.

10. Angkringan JAC (Pendopo nDalem), The Royal Angkringan

Occupying the pendopo (an external structure functioning as a porch in Javanese architecture) of the house of a royal-blood Javanese, the angkringan features Wi-Fi, and is particularly suitable for families. Better still, it also offers a variety of rare Javanese traditional cuisines, such as Clorot, Kipo, Semar Mendem, Lupis, and Jadah Manten. Angkringan Pendopo nDalem opens everyday, 6 pm to 11:30 pm.