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    Jl. Solo km. 9, Yogyakarta 55282, Indonesia
    (0274) 484 261
  • GPS Coordinate: -7.7856389, 110.4371944

Updated on 6 October 2015

Adisutjipto (or Adisucipto) airport of which width reaches 88,690 m2 has been affirmed as an international airport. The airport that is located in Maguwo area keeps both happy and sad stories.

If you choose to enter Yogyakarta by air, Adisutjipto International Airport will be the first place for you to step on. Having been operating for more than 50 years, this airport serves international flights to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and domestic flights to some big cities in Indonesia. Not less than 10 airplane arrivals and departures occur daily in this airport.

This 88,690 m2 airport keeps both happy and sad stories. Here, Guntei and Curren aircrafts that attacked the Dutch troop in Semarang and Ambarawa on 29 July 1947 took off and landed. It was also in this place that Dakota VT-CLA aircraft owned by Indonesia was shot by two Dutch P-40 Kitty Hawk fighter planes just before it landed in the afternoon on the same day.

The name of this airport changed from Maguwo airport to Adisutjipto airport a couple of years after the fall of Dakota VT-CLA airplane. The name Adisutjipto was taken from the name of Commodore Adisutjipto who demised in the attack. He was the member of Indonesian Air Force who was sent to India for a duty and he took medicine aids in Singapore by that time. In addition to Adisutjipto, other soldiers who passed away in the attack were Abdurahman Saleh and Adi Sumarmo whose names are used as names of airports.

Arriving in this airport, you can see westwards to see your relatives who come to pick you up. You can wave to them while walking to the meeting point to continue your trip to tourism objects or to your hotel. It will be romantic to meet your relatives that have been waiting for your arrival.

You can spend a bit of your time to see eastwards when you get down from the airplane. The area of Seribu Mountains with the green trees will become cool scenery on a sunny day. It is in this area that you can visit some tourism objects; one of them is the Kingdom of Boko Queen. You can also see the Ijo temple that is located on the highest place in Yogyakarta that prevents the taxiway of this airport from lengthening eastward.

Arriving at the vestibule of this airport that has two arrival terminals, domestic and international, you can enjoy gudeg, the special cuisine of Yogyakarta. This restaurant is located at the back part of the waiting room. If you prefer to have your meals in a Padang restaurant, you can go to a restaurant close to the parking area. A waiting room is also a comfortable place for people who are waiting for their relatives to come.

If you arrive in the morning or evening time, drinking some coffee or having some snacks can be an option. Small shops that sell coffee, pastry and donuts are located in the eastern part of the airport. Fast food restaurant in the area will also serve meals at your choice.

Other facilities such as moneychanger and hotel reservation points will ease your travel. Besides, you can get clothes or T-shirts easily when you have to get ones.

Look at the architecture of the airport in details and you will notice Javanese characteristics of it. You will especially see it at an area close to the car stop where there are two statues on both sides of the place. The Javanese architecture can also be judged from the shape of the limasan roof that is supported by four columns. The other architectural enchantment is the high, wide, green entrance gate with the writing "Adisutjipto International Airport" on it.

Adisutjipto is a strategic airport for you to begin your trip since it is located close to some tourism objects. Prambanan temple, Kalasan temple, and Queen Boko Kingdom complex are located around 10 kilometers from this airport. Center of silver handicraft and the complex of Yogyakarta Kingdom are just 25 minutes drive away.

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