0.1 km from Prawirotaman

    Jl. Prawirotaman 30, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    (0274) 386 557
  • GPS Coordinate: -7.81922222222222, 110.371333333333

Updated on 1/1/2018

Using "East Meets West, West Meets East" as its theme, Via-Via Cafe promises a meeting space between East and West. Via-Via Cafe becomes a place which is always visited by tourists in Yogyakarta. Not only beer but also other alcoholic beverages are served here such as Wine and Whiskey. Food which is served here is also various. We can find the variety of Indonesian traditional foods meet with Western menu. There are some special menus everyday that can be ordered. Via-Via Cafe is also used as a place for young artists exhibition and in every Friday there is Friday Night Jazz Night. Spend the night with music and art, why not?

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