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  • Jogja City
    Where to Visit, Where to Stay, Where to Eat, etc

  • Sleman
    Jogja's Never Ending Golden Area

    Besides the deadly heat cloud it occasionally spew, Merapi also gives birth to new lives. Many civilizations have risen time after time, from the glorious Shailendra Dinasty to the metropolis kingdom we have now.

  • Bantul
    Amazing Artistry to the South of the Gudeg City

    Situated in the southern far edge of Yogyakarta, the Gudeg City, Bantul is the capital of art. The creativity of its people gives birth to unique works of art such as beautiful souvenirs, as well as distinctive tourist attractions and food.

  • Kulon Progo
    An Emerald in the West of Jogja

    Kulon Progo has an extraordinary landscape. The silent hills, spreads of green rice fields, and a stunning beach with the combination of stunning beach and a lagoon, produced a perfect color mixture of a God-made painting.

  • Gunungkidul
    Here Comes Yogyakarta's New Tourism Primadona

    The lines of exotic white-sanded beach, the giant andesitic stones at the ancient volcano, and the dark alleys along the cave are ones of the charms of Gunungkidul which now have started to unveil, showing off its hidden paradise.

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