2016 Tourism Map of Yogyakarta - A Traveler's Must-Have. Free!

The map contains graphic information of Yogyakarta, along with a directory (tourism destinations, hotels, culinary spots, etc.), and the city's street map. A traveler's must-have, you can have it as a souvenir and a cool decoration as well. Free!

Traveling to Yogyakarta? You can't forget to grab the tourism map with you. It provides graphic information so that you can easily find the best tourism destinations around Yogyakarta, from must-visit locations to hidden natural beaches in Gunungkidul, completed with cool photos and GPS coordinate.

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The backside page contains Yogyakarta's street map. You can also browse through the directory of tourism destinations, culinary spots, hostels, low-budget hotels, inexpensive hotels, villas, guest houses/homestays, car/bus rentals, tour agents, and souvenir shops; over 200 locations are available, completed with address, phone number, and brief description for each. Also, you can find information on important phone numbers in Yogyakarta, along with a travel guide to explore the city by Trans Jogja bus - cheap and air conditioned.

We create the map with our heart. The graphic information is designed to be attractive while also provides our best photos. The folding makes it easy for you to take the map along your travel, as well as to open it up to check the city's street map. We wish that you don't throw away the map once your travel in Yogyakarta is completed. You can hand it to another friend in need, or you can keep it as a souvenir, or maybe you can reuse it to decorate your wall. You know what people say, "You know you're a traveler when.... you collect maps of places you've been to.

This is the second edition with much better printing quality as it is printed at by PT Gramedia (Jakarta). The map also includes additional information on the schedule of Ramayana Ballet performance in 2014, Trans Jogja route (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B), and distances between tourism destinations around Yogyakarta.


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Updated on 13 April 2020