Simple Yet Often Forgotten Recipes to Attract Guests

How do lodgings, guest houses, and car rentals in Jogja attract tourists? How can they do it with just simple cell phones?

Updated on 5 October 2018

Inda is feeding her child when a message comes in via WhatsApp.

"Good afternoon, is Casa Meira in Gunungkidul still available for the 21st?"

"Yes it is. How big will the group be?"

"I'm with my parents, my wife, and two children under five."

"Okay. So check in is on the 21st, while check out will be on the 22nd. There will be 4 adults + 2 children under five. It will cost you 600 thousand rupiahs, please transfer it to Bank Syariah Mandiri. My account number is 705341xxxx. Thank you :-) "

In a matter of minutes, an email containing credit notification from the bank comes, her guest has made the payment.

As a housewife, Inda is a full-time caretaker of her child. What makes her different from the others is that she has a side hustle. She rents her house to tourists. Every month, about 5 - 8 million is added to her account. Amazingly, everything is managed through WhatsApp and SMS.

You cannot find Casa Meira in Traveloka, Agoda, or AirBnB, so how do her guests find it? The answer is, a local travel portal. She refuses to use booking agents or online travel agents because she does not want to bother herself with continuously updating her availability.

Unlike typical booking agents, who cut off a 10% - 20% commission from every transaction, only charges you with monthly advertisement fee of 500 thousand rupiahs. That amount is much cheaper than the 10% commission, even more so if you get a lot of guests.

Still, 5 - 8 million does not compare to the earnings of her friends. It is easy for car rentals and guest houses with bigger capacity or more strategic location, including affordable lodgings in, to earn 10 - 30 million each month. Compared to a profit that huge, spending 500 thousand is surely much more profitable than spending 10% on commissions. It is not surprising that their assets keep growing.

If that is still not enough, also provides photography and copywriting services for advertisers like you. Nowadays, joining the competition without spectacular pictures will only do you more harm. Many hotels even allocate millions of their budget just for the provision of good pictures. A considerable amount of money is also spent to craft alluring stories that attract guests. Luckily, saves the day by providing those luxury services for free.

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