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Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu

(updated on 5/24/2014)

Food prices
IDR 6,500 - IDR 9,500

Open everyday
09.30 a.m - 09.00 p.m

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The Most Legendary Maduranese Soto in Malioboro

Parkiran Selatan STASIUN TUGU, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu is the most legendary soto sulung in the heart of Jogja City, Malioboro area. Existing since 1968, soto in this stall becomes the most favorited culinary because its taste can make the consumers always want to eat it.

Who does not know soto sulung? This Maduranese soto consists of beef or cow innards such as tripe, intestines,lungs, and liver with thick sauce. This soto is also sweeten with pieces of boiled egg that makes the ingredients more Wow. Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu is the one who brings Maduranese soto from Madura to Yogyakarta. The soto stall that was built since 1968 by Mr. Marjuddin is having some branch stalls around Yogyakarta. The stall which is located in the south parking are ain Tugu Station now becomes a culinary icon in Yogyakarta and always be hunted by foodies.

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Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu offers soto daging and soto daging campur jeroan (meat soto and meat soto blends with innards). Beef and innards whichbecame the fillings of this soto are different from soto in other places. With twice processing, the meat is tender and not fishy and the flavors mingle perfectly. The innards which become the filling in Soto Campur also are not fishy and tender, its delicious taste is similar with Soto Daging. Its thick gravy and its strong spices makes this soto is so delicious. Our tongue will be spoiled by its hot gravy which is so seductive. With lime and watery chilly sauce, the taste of this soto will be more delicious. Very... very... addictive! The hot gravy and the tenderness of the meat will make our tongue continues to eat more.

The uniqueness of this soto is the rice. Instead of directly served in the plate, rice in this stall is wrapped into small pieces. We can add the rice freely without hesitate. Rice and all snacks here are prepared by the owner. Meat, rice, and the chips are made in the evening by each family member which in charge and then they send them in the morning right into Tugu Station and other branches.

"There are so many people who were studying here and now they have grandchild still come here," said Mr. Ridwan, Mr. Marjuddin's son who now become the owner of Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu. In its 43 years old, this stall leaves so many memories which can make its costumers always visit it remembering nostalgic moments. Just like Hendra, the owner of one of the coffee shops in Yogya which shared that Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu is the most delicious soto in Yogyakarta and he became the loyal costumer since 2000. "The favor is sharp and delicious. It can satisfy my tongue," said Hendra.

Opens everyday: 9 AM - 9 PM

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Map of Soto Sulung Stasiun Tugu

GPS Coordinate: -7°47'22.8", 110°21'46.6"
Distance from Malioboro: 0.5 km.


    Jl. Pasar Kembang 59, Yogyakarta 55272 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 562 149

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    Jl. Pasar Kembang 49 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 563 435


    Jl. Pasar Kembang 61, Yogyakarta 55272, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 560 312

  • D: HOTEL PARIWISATA (0.1 km)

    Jl. Pasar Kembang 53, Yogyakarta 55272, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 565 581

  • E: HOTEL MATARAM (0.1 km)

    Jl. Pasar Kembang 61, Yogyakarta 55272 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 581 721

  • F: STASIUN TUGU (0.1 km)

    Jl. P Mangkubumi 1, Yogyakarta 55271, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 512 870, 514 270, 589 685

  • G: 1001 MALAM HOTEL (0.2 km)

    Sosrowijayan Wetan GT I/57 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 515 087, +62 819 3179 8000

  • H: FAMILY HOMESTAY (0.2 km)

    Jl. Sosrowijayan 47, Yogyakarta 55271 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 515 010

  • I: ORYZA HOTEL (0.2 km)

    Jl. Sosrowijayan 49-51, Yogyakarta 55271 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 512495


    Jl. Sosrowijayan 35, Yogyakarta 55271 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 512 605

  • K: INDONESIA HOTEL (0.2 km)

    Jl. Sosrowijayan 9, Yogyakarta 55271 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 587 659


    Jl. Sosrowijayan 78, Yogyakarta 55271 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 565 057

  • M: SOSROWIJAYAN (0.2 km)


    Jl. Pasar Kembang 15, Yogyakarta 55272 Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 547 847

  • O: HOTEL DEWI RAHAYU 2 (0.2 km)

    Jl. Jlagran 19, Yogyakarta 55272, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 512 210


    Jl. Pasarkembang 29 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Phone: (0274) 587 012, 563 824

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