Omahe Mbok Giyem

(0274) 968 7170

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Dining Out in a Homey Country House

Jl. Kelapa 18 Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (0274) 968 7170, +62 838 1955 2269, +62 857 8188 1340, +62 859 2151 6966

Omahe Mbok Giyem offers traditional food with modern touch. This house in the middle of a village with wooden furniture, antique lamp, and Javanese music as the backsound is presenting the atmosphere of dining out in a homey country house.

Omahe Mbok Giyem (OMG) is a restaurant with the concept of traditional food and modern serving combination. Located in the middle of a village, this restaurant is occupying a simple country house. Bamboo poles and ancient lamps are presenting homey simple Javanese house atmosphere.

Besides located in country side, Omahe Mbok Giyem also invites you to reminisce with traditional food served in modern style for more delicious taste. Ayam bakar (grilled chicken) for example, is served along with sayur lodeh (tempe and spring bean cooked with coconut milk), one of the traditional food of Bantul. If you like spicy food, try Nasi Goreng Mercon (firecracker fried rice) or Paket Nasi Petir (Thunder Rice Package). The spicy taste will make you get addicted and wanting it again and again. For snack, there are tahu crispy (crispy tofu), tape/pisang keju (fermented cassava or banana with cheese), or Lapis Senzation (lapis legit served with ice cream). The price of those food range from IDR 3,000 - IDR 17,500.

The way to serve is quite unique. Even though OMG is serving traditional food, the tables are set in a very modern way, wine glass, various kinds of spoon, fork, and knife are arranged neatly on placemats. If you order teh or kopi tubruk (brewed tea or coffee), the waitress will give you a pot of brewed tea or coffee and a chunk of palm sugar. This palm sugar was mixed with ginger for sweet and a little bit spicy taste. To enjoy this beverage, bite the palm sugar first, and then drink the tea or coffee. Hmmm..., the taste was really unique and nice. The price of the beverages range from IDR 5,000 - 15,000.

There are many spots to enjoy the food. You can choose to eat in the front of the house, the terrace, living room, or gazebo with rice field view. Omahe Mbok Giyem also has 2 VIP rooms for 4 and 6 people. While waiting for your order, you can use the hot spot facility or take a reflection massage in the back side of the restaurant.

Open Hours: Monday - Sunday: 8 AM - 9 PM

Reflection Massage: IDR 15,000 / 30 minutes

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