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Lotek Dan Gado-gado Bu Ning

(updated on 11/22/2014)

Food prices
IDR 10,000 / portion

Open everyday
08.00 a.m - 10.00 p.m

(0274) 389 243

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The Most Best-seller in Tamsis Area

Jl. Surokarsan 32, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone:(0274) 389 243

Bu Ning is a legend. Her food stall located in Tamansiswa offers lotek and hodgepodge (vegetables and peanut sauce dish) with smooth peanut sauce that is distinctive and taste tempting. Three large mortars have become its trademark.

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When entering into Bu Ning stall, we will immediately see three large mortars with the diameter of about 80 cm lining up. In those large mortars, Bu Ning and employees make peanut sauce and blend lotek and hodgepodge that customers order. When lunch time comes and customers begin to arrive, then, 5-10 servings of lotek or hodgepodge can be directly blended in those large mortars. However, although made in large portions, do not worry that you will lose its taste.

Bu Ning or whose full name is Sawijiningsih, indeed, is arguably one of the legends in the world of lotek and gado-gado (hodgepodge) of Jogja. She has started her business since 1983, and until now, it is still flooded by culinary lovers. It is could not be separated from the flavor of her lotek and hodgepodge that is a champion. Stewed spinach, cabbage, bean sprouts, and other materials are perfectly boiled. Finely ground peanut sauce mixed with vegetable favors adds to delicious Bu Ning's lotek, so as its hodgepodge. The freshness of the vegetables used for the ingredient in Bu Ning's lotek and hodgepodge is always preserved.

Bu Ning stall is located a few ten feet from Wirogunan Prison, Tamansiswa, Yogyakarta. This shop can be reached in 10 minutes from Malioboro or Kraton Jogja. For those of you who are on vacation around there, Bu Ning's hodgepodge and lotek could be the right choice as your lunch menu. Besides delicious lotek and hodgepodge, there are also a variety of other menu, such as soto ayam, nasi liwet, Javanese fried rice, Kremes fried chicken, and many more. Various drinks are available, ranging from tea and juice, es campur, es teler, coconut ice, and juice are also available.

Not rarely, foreign tourists stop by at Bu Ning's stall. They want to taste the distinctive Indonesian salad as well. Sometimes, there is also 'bule-bule'(foreigners) who instantly make lotek or hodgepodge they order. Mas Iwan, Bu Ning's first child, said, that foreign tourists were amazed with the mortars that characterizes her mother's stall. They then wanted to learn how to make or mix lotek or gado-gado on their own according to their wish.


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