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Bong Kopitown

(updated on 10/27/2014)

(0274) 589 333

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The Prison Food that Creates Happiness

Jl. Sagan kidul 4 Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (0274) 589 333

Bong Kopitown, the first "prison"-styled restaurant in Indonesia, offers Medan-Singkawang crossbreed Chinese food. Its menus will make you the happiest convict in the world.

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Stepping in to Bong Kopitown, we will be welcomed through a gloomy room a la Hongkong prison during the 60s. Warders are standing by the cashier counter, while the convicts are wandering around from one table to another. Black cells act as separators between one room and the others. A wooden dummy is placed in the center of the room, which you can use to practice martial arts, along with a ladder and ropes to escape from the prison. Looking upward, you will see the cell rooms for the convicts. Moving further to the non-smoking room, the cells appear even more realistic. Once you have occupied your seat, a convict in half-striped prison uniform will come to you and give you a piece of 'Old Town Post' newspaper which, in fact, contains list of the menus and the history of Bong Kopi Town. Ten minutes afterwards, you will get what you have ordered, served on aluminum cutleries as such used in prisons.

To describe the uniqueness of Bong Kopitown is not as easy as flipping the palm of our hand. There are just many things about the restaurant that are special. Besides the interior, which appears totally different from other restaurants, Bong Kopitown also offers highly delicious crossbreed Chinese menu options. You can try Prison Rice, which contains of plain rice and cap cay (Chinese-styled mixed vegetables), or Penang Fried Noodle which tastes quite like Medan Noodle but of no less deliciousness. Isian Seafood and Tofu Sapo is also tempting. Another unique menu option is Rendang Spicy Noodle, which is available in 8 levels of spiciness. You can also try Pontianak Crab Noodle directly derived from Pontianak which has been popular as having the best noodle recipe. The whole menu offered at Bong Kopitown is the hereditary recipe owned by the family of Bong Chandra, the founder of the restaurant, who is also renowned as a motivator, an entrepreneur, and a writer. The taste of these homey menus is adopted from various menus from several regions such as Medan and Singkawang.

Located across IFI (LIP) Sagan, the restaurant also offers light meal menus and various beverages perfect to accompany you while hanging out with friends. You can have a try on Singkawang-styled rujak (mixed fruits with spicy grilled peanut sauce) with ebi (dried shrimps) topping. Another option is Classic HK Toast with srikaya (sugar-apple), butter, nuttela and peanut butter jam. Bong Kopitown seems to be particularly willing to make its "convicts" happy. Its beverages, such as the sweet Ice Lychee Tea and the sour-sweet Unripe Mango Ice Shaved will definitely wipe away your thirst. Another option, Kopi Tetes (literally translated as Drops of Coffee)-which becomes Bong Kopitown's top menu-will certainly make the convicts instantly despise the force of depression.

Enough saying; are you ready to be the happiest convict in the world?

Open hour: 10 am - 00 pm
Price range: IDR 6,000 - IDR 35,000


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Map of Bong Kopitown

GPS Coordinate: -7.78113888888889, 110.377472222222
Distance from Malioboro: 1.8 km.


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